Sell With Us

Why Sell With Us?

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Maple City Auction Services is committed to ensuring your selling experience is easy, smooth and profitable. Selling your items though our auctions is easier than you think. Maple City Auction Services will do all the work for you. Our marketing schedule allows your items and  products to be seen by a vast array of buyers with no hassle to you. We use state-of-the-art computer software for cataloguing, clerking, cashiering, accounting, and inventory management of your consigned items. Our Online Auctions utilize leading edge Internet Auction software that is easy for buyers (bidders) to use and understand.

Some of our many benefits include:

  • Sellers get increased exposure through the internet to the marketplace, and are not limited geographically to the local market.
  • Online sales are not affected by weather, traffic or time of day. This translates into higher prices.
  • Sellers receive full accountability through our services and receive a detailed list of what each item sold for.
  • You will not receive bartering type emails from anonymous writers or unscheduled telephone calls at inappropriate times.
  • We will sign a Consignment Contract with you clearing stating all costs, commissions and our commitment to you. There will never be a hidden cost or fee!

We ask that your items be clean and ready for auction. Please supply a list of your consigned items. If known you should include important information such as origin,  manufacture dates, pattern etc.

Items not accepted:


Dirty or Broken Items

Used/Worn Clothing

Non Working Electronics and Tools

Children’s Safety Items – Cribs, High Chairs, Strollers, etc.

Tube Type TV’s – Flat Screens are accepted

Car Parts

(For the benefit of all consignors, we reserve the right to deny any item(s) deemed unfit for auction.)


Whether you are just cleaning up, need to declutter the attic/garage/basement, moving to a smaller place, need to liquidate a partial or whole estate, or a business that needs to move old stock, we can help. Consigning your items with us is as easy as a phone call, for a no hassle, no commitment consultation to discuss your needs and expectations.  Every situation is different, and we will treat yours as though it is ours. We only ask one thing of you in advance: Please do not give away or throw out your unwanted items until you consult with us. Your no longer wanted, once cherished items are certain to become someone else’s newly acquired treasures. Let us show you how.